Orchard Software

Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Our team of experts are dedicated to continuing to be the LIS market leader in the physician office lab, public health lab, and reference lab markets, and a point-of-care market leader in the ambulatory and hospital markets.


Orchard is the pioneer in delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic information systems with coverage across the full spectrum of healthcare organizations.


Provide laboratories software and services that improve value in patient care.

Core Values: iLEAD

  • Innovation
    Create, develop, and implement new products and services with the goal of improving effectiveness and competitive advantage.
  • Leadership
    Influence action and change to solidify our leading position in the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) market.
  • Excellence
    Leverage our extensive experience with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and provide the highest quality products and services to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Accountability
    Take ownership and personal responsibility of our work and commitments to clients and each other with the highest character and integrity.
  • Dedication
    Maintain an unyielding commitment to our employees, clients, and patient safety while promoting a supportive, inclusive, and caring culture.